Manage your hard drive space

How many times have you got to the point where you hard drive is filling up and you don’t fully understand why?

Yeah, deleting that free 60gb game you downloaded from Epic games three months ago but never played will help, as will sorting through your entire gaming library. However, it’s not always that easy.

Well, I wanted to share a free tool I found that really makes this task a pleasure rather than the painful chore it once was.

WinDirStat (<< click to visit) runs a scan of the hard drive you’re tidying up and allows you to see exactly how much space each folder is using. You can navigate into folders to drill down too. It’s amazing how many applications leave a lot of data in your “AppData” folder long after they’re uninstalled!

The utility also provides a very visual insight into the type of files your hoard consists of. It really is a must for any savvy computer user.